Alphabetty Spaghetti

Hey little cuties,

I hope that you are all doing swell, and that you all had the best christmas and new year!

It’s been a little while since I stopped by for a chat, and I am hoping that as soon as my final semester of uni is over and done with, I can get back into the swing of blogging for you guys, and get sharing lots of exciting new content. but, for now I have a few months left, so I thought that I would just stop buy to update you and let you know that there is a few new goodies in the shop for you to get your hands on.

First of all, is 2 cutesy little prints which you can personalise in both colour, and choose which letter you would like colouring. I have picked out a few colours which I thought would be the most popular, but if you fancy something a little different then just pop me a message over and I can do whatever you fancy! {}


the second of the 2 is very similar, but has a smaller version of the alphabet. I couldn’t decide which I liked more, so I thought I would just give you the option!


There is also a cheeky little print {which is also available in a clean version too} which pretty much sums me up completely, so I thought that it may do you too.

i hope that you like them, please do let me know, and also if there is anything else that you would like to see!

love always, leanne xo


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