Hey Guys, I’m Leanne!

I love to create pretty things and I am a total perfectionist! I love to play around with makeup (although I’m not very adventurous), take pretty photographs and dance like no-one is watching, even though they are, and it’s not a pretty sight aha!

I am the proud designer, founder and manager of Castle In The Stars, a little shop of illustrated homeware, clothing, stationery + pretty gifts, along with occasional blogging. Although university gives me many opportunities to express my creativity, I started Castle In The Stars as an additional creative outlet which has only the restrictions of my own mind.

‘Why Castle In The Stars?’ you may wonder. Well, it is a twist on the phrase castles in the sky, which means ‘To create dreams, hopes, or plans that are impossible, unrealistic, or have very little chance of succeeding.’ This lil adventure, I hope, will one day help me reach the crazy dreams of mine, which right now may seem impossible. The ‘stars’ element of the name, is a little shout out to my nana and uncle, who are way up in the sky, watching and guiding me through this incredible adventure.

So, have a gander at the things which I have designed, even treat yourself to a lil somethin’, and help me to spread a little more creativity and magic into this world. If there is something specific which you have in mind, but don’t see in the shop, then pop me an email, I would be very happy to help you create something personal and bespoke! shop@castleinthestars.co.uk

Follow us on Instagram for sneak peaks and new releases | @castleinthestarsco or follow my personal account | @leannehaycock

Thankyou for staying around long enough to have a look!

Love, Leanne xo

If you need to contact me then please do not hesitate shop@castleinthestars.co.uk.

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